Low-impact Plots Open their Gates in July to Visitors

Permaculture Magazine
Wednesday, 12th June 2019

The One Planet Development Open Week in Wales, in July, is a chance to visit exciting low-impact projects.

The annual One Planet Development Open Week is a chance to visit Wales' most exciting low-impact plots. 
In the last week of July the One Planet Council organise tours of land-based projects open to the public. This year the week ends with the Wales National Permaculture Gathering.
OPD is a planning policy that allows you to live on agricultural land provided you create land-based enterprises which meet one's basic needs whilst also meeting strict ecological criteria. Adopted by the Welsh government in 2011 as part of its ‘One Wales: One Planet’ scheme, the policy addresses the interlocking issues of access to land, affordability of housing and revitalising rural economies.
The objective of the ‘One Wales: One Planet’ scheme is that Wales should use only its fair share of the earth’s resources with the footprint of its citizens drawing down to 1.88 global hectares per person.
You can read about One Planet Development in PM97 (https://www.permaculture.co.uk/issue/autumn-2018).
The Annual Open week is a great opportunity to get inspired by those that are making such a transition real. Alongside beautiful buildings, perennial polycultures and a lighter step on the Earth, each of the plots that fall under the OPD policy are unique.
Some of the sites to see include Maes Melangell (pictured above) in Lammas Ecovillage, demonstrating abundant gardens to neigbouring Pencedni, home to a beautiful timber frame hempcrete house and site of a future tree nursery; Beeview farm, small-scale farming in the foothills of the Carningli Mountain and Dan y Berllan, a straw bale clay and lime rendered two storey structure home to a young family.
For more info and to find out about the projects opening their doors please check in with the One Planet Council, organisers of the open week: www.oneplanetcouncil.org.uk/openweek_2018