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Wednesday, 9th May 2018

Mick Collins, author of 'The Visionary Spirit' and 'The Unselfish Spirit' will be speaking at the Potential to Aliveness event at Dartington Hall in May about creating conditions in society to support the well-being of young people.

As part of an innovative approach to working with young people in a community context, Jude Currivan and Phillip Franses from Global Synapses have teamed up with Mark O Connell from the Apricot Centre CIC at Huxhams Farm to put on an open forum. The event will provide a safe space to explore the needs of young people in a complex world, and how to support their well-being.

Facilitators experienced in the methods of Process Work will enable the open forum participants to explore and express their dreams for an improved future, as well as processing any difficulties they may be experiencing. The open forum is based on the idea of Deep Democracy, developed by Dr Arny Mindell. This approach understands how deep wisdom can emerge when difference and diversity are made welcome.

As part of the community open forum, Permanent Publications author Mick Collins will discuss his new book, The Visionary Spirit. He will emphasise how society must create the conditions to support well-being in young people’s lives, as well as assisting them in actualising their full potential. He will speak about the importance of recognising the younger generations role in the emergence of what he calls the Transformocene Age.

The event takes place at Dartington Hall in Devon, and Mick Collins will be speaking on Friday 25th May.

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