Planning Approved for Sustainability Centre in Hampshire

Permaculture Magazine
Tuesday, 19th February 2019

The Sustainability Centre in Hampshire, home to Permaculture Magazine, a natural burial site, forest school learning and more, has been awarded planning permission to naturally and sustainably renovate the main building.

The Sustainability Centre (home to Permaculture Magazine for over 20 years) is bursting with excitement because today they received their planning permission!

Schools and the local community will now be able to attend beautiful, new, dedicated classrooms and enjoy outdoor and sustainable education trips. The success will future proof The Centre, taking their offerings to the next level.

The Sustainability Centre will be able to inspire, teach and empower many, many more children, adults and people in local communities and organisations. As a result, these people will be able to make positive changes, live more sustainably and contribute to protecting our planet for future generations.

They are not knocking down the existing building, but are transforming it from an ugly, uninspiring block into an inspiring flagship project for natural and sustainable building renovation.

“This is a very exciting moment for The Centre and all its supporters. We have developed a clear vision for the future and this is a key event in bringing that vision to life.” says Barry Lamacraft – Chair of the Board of Trustees.

The Centre has been working towards this moment for over two years, and would not have got here without the support of many kind donors. They are very grateful for all donations, large and small, which have made it possible to get to this stage.

Proposed design

Added Good News

Some other amazing news that they want to share, is a real game-changer. The Centre have been given £500,000! This gift, from one of their volunteers, will allow building work to start this year and for their dream to begin to be realised. This gift will also be the key to unlocking funding from Trusts and Foundations, giving others the confidence to step forward and pledge their support. 

Christine Seaward – CEO and Centre Manager says “I am thrilled and delighted that we have given such an amazingly generous gift - especially as it is from someone who really understands who we are, what we do and what a difference it will make. It is transformational and completely blew me away. It is not often that I am lost for words – but this was certainly one or those occasions!” 

Their Leaves for Learning community fundraising campaign remains an important focus too, as every penny or pound donated by individuals is really valuable and makes a HUGE difference!

Both the Planning Permission and the major donation represent a firing pistol for their Ready…Steady…Grow… initiative which will see their next stage of growth and transformation. 

The Sustainability Centre needs your help and support. Please donate money if you can; share this post and tell everyone you know; get your school or workplace involved; go to their fundraising events or organise one of your own. Find out more and download a fundraising pack from their website