Sing for the Trees: International Women's Day

Wednesday, 6th March 2019

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Friday 8 March 2019, women’s networks are rallying together to celebrate the roles of trees and women in mitigating climate change for the Sing for the Trees campaign.

On International Women’s Day, Friday 8 March, thousands of women worldwide will be gathering together to ‘sing for the trees’ in celebration of the crucial role trees play in alleviating climate change as well as the vital role women play in restoring  the world’s forests.  

The Sing for the Trees campaign, orchestrated by global women-led reforestation movement, TreeSisters, will bring together over almost 70 ‘sing for the trees’ events in 20 countries around the globe, from the USA, the UK, Finland and Greece, to Kenya, South Africa, India and Nepal.

Inspired by the power of grassroots movements to effect policy change in history, such as the Civil Rights Movement in the US, the ending of Apartheid, Gandi's Indian independence movement and the Suffragettes, TreeSisters is part of a vast, growing number of networks appealing to individuals to join together in a revolution of caring for the Earth.

Pollyanna Darling, spokesperson for TreeSisters, who is leading the Sing for the Trees campaign, says: 

“TreeSisters is a grassroots organisation focused on the power of women’s leadership to effect change through shared action and responsibility. We have so far planted over 3 million trees through the generosity of women in our network giving back to the Earth that sustains us. Despite wide-scale recognition of climate change, awareness of the role of trees in mitigation is yet to be fully understood or adopted at a grassroots level. Sing for the trees is raising awareness of both the importance of trees for our future survival, and the role of women in the restoration of the world’s forests. 

“Our Sing for the Trees campaign is supported by numerous partner networks collaborating to proliferate the activities, including Eden Projects, the Natural Voice Network and She Sings. This mass of women-led activism currently sweeping the globe to protect our environment is a major phenomenon of our times. Women’s networks are springing up everywhere, from the Woman’s March and the Women’s Environmental Climate Network to the Women’s Earth Alliance, all united in their desire to create positive change, and spreading powerful ripples of radical generosity. A feminine response to crisis is to join people together, a much needed progression from our current paradigm of competition. Our world needs a shift in mindset, more feminine leadership and more trees fast.”


Treesisters - ©Ursula Dutkiewicz

Clare Dubois, Founder of TreeSisters, adds: “Women’s voices are critical to the transformation of our world view, our human identity and the action that arises in response to crisis. When we are willing to step into our innate authority and leadership on behalf of the life that we create, women have the power to change the world, inspiring our evolution from unconscious consumers to conscious restorers of the planet we all depend on.”

Details of Sing for the Trees activities happening in the UK and worldwide on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 March can be found on the TreeSisters Facebook events page. UK events include one in Stroud led by singer Liz Terry (the inspiration behind the campaign); another with Jenny Smith, Programme Director of TreeSisters; and a gathering in Great Malvern coordinated by Susan Hale, founder of the annual global event Earth Day-Sing for the Trees.

TreeSisters are encouraging women to take a leadership role and set up their own Sing for the Trees events. The charity is also inviting women to use the opportunity to take some restorative time out in nature. 

Pollyanna Darling says: “Singing for the trees is a way of making a connection with the forests we love, and having fun together with fellow women who care for the Earth. This International Women’s Day, we invite women to step into leadership and coordinate a Sing for the Trees event for their communities, knowing they are supported by our global community.”

If you would like to coordinate a Sing for the Trees event for your local community, TreeSisters has resources to support you. To find out more, sign up to the TreeSisters online community platform, TreeSisters Nest: Once you’ve joined, locate the Sing for the Trees Group.

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