Spiritual Ecology Leadership Programme

St Ethelburga's
Tuesday, 3rd October 2017

Ten places available on an 8-month fully funded spiritual ecology leadership programme, for 22-32 year-olds.

Are your heart and hands dedicated to the challenge of building a sustainable future rooted in interconnectedness and reverence for nature?

The Spiritual Ecology Leadership Programme explores how spiritual values and practical action can be integrated to generate deep, powerful and lasting change. It is a fully funded eight month journey for visionary and active young adults aged between 22-32 year olds, based in the UK or EU. It offers the opportunity for deep study, reflection, nature immersion, inspiring mentorship, skill building and project development and implementation.

We are looking for 10 emerging leaders from diverse backgrounds and faith or spiritual traditions to participate. For more information and to apply, see our webpage.


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st3ph |
Tue, 03/04/2018 - 15:33

are we at all thinking of a possible exodus within the next couple of decades? or we do not even care about that and will keep on doing what we are happy doing? let us not give ourselves false hopes of meeting the challenges. let us accept that it is pretty late in the hour to do that. there is no solution to the emission from billions of vehicles and machines. they will not stop plying and functioning. the emissions will be a continuous process. do we really want us to be extinct? the challenges in the past were different and did not involve climate change. it's a huge challenge with so many of us across the globe. there are hardly any trees anywhere, forests are being cleared at will only to be replaced with human settlements. we have innumerable number of challenges ahead of us which are scary and we have to realize that. three has to be honesty in our part now. that is the need of the hour. as writer at http://yourhomeworkhelp.org/ I think with religion, science and politics trying to reign supreme, the future is very dim for mankind. we have only been fooling ourselves for hundreds of years only to see ourselves go down. when we have altered things we should now prepare for a new alteration that will be thrown to us by the creator.