Tackling Broken Food Systems: biggest online agroecology event

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Tuesday, 3rd November 2020

The Oxford Real Farming Conference returns in 2021 as a global, online event, with over 150 hours of talks and workshops to share research on how to tackle our broken food systems.

The Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC) will host its biggest ever global online event for agroecological farmers, growers and food producers between 7-13 January 2021, in an urgent bid to fix our broken food system.

ORFC Global 2021 will bring together thousands of delegates, including leading voices in agroecological, organic and regenerative agriculture. The aim is to catalyse radical action in the face of multiple global threats including climate change, biodiversity loss, soil degradation, poverty and Covid-19.

Colin Tudge, co-founder of the ORFC, argues that present-day, hyper-industrialised agriculture is a prime cause of all the world's ills, from climate change and mass extinction to poverty and ill-health – and that to put it right we have to re-think everything else as well, including the economy and our moral attitudes.

Colin says: "It should be eminently possible to provide good food for everyone without wrecking the natural world, and without cruelty or injustice.

“We just need to apply the principles of agroecology and food sovereignty - which in general means low-input, mixed farms with plenty of farmers and growers on small to medium-sized farms, geared primarily to local markets.

"Instead the world's most powerful governments, corporates, and financiers are promoting the complete opposite - high-input monocultures with minimum to zero labour on the largest possible scale, geared to profit in the global market.

"We need to turn things around fast and since our leaders have taken the wrong tack, people who give a damn - and especially farmers - must do what's needed for ourselves."

Early bird tickets to ORFC Global 2021 are on sale now until 18 November: orfc.org.uk/book-tickets

ORFC Global 2021 will showcase more than 150 hours of talks and workshops for farmers, growers, activists, policy-makers, researchers and anyone else who supports a better food and farming system: orfc.org.uk #ORFCGlobal

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