UK has the Technology to go Zero Carbon

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Monday, 16th December 2019

The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) has released their latest report, exploring how the UK already has the tools to power the country on 100% renewables and to feed ourselves sustainably.

The report, Zero Carbon Britain: Rising to the Climate Emergency explores how the UK can achieve what is necessary, from food to energy.

It builds on CAT's last 12 years of work with the Zero Carbon Britain project, incorporating the latest developments in science and proven-to-work technology. 

The report looks at our current scenario (looking at carbon emissions, transport, waste, industry, capturing carbon, agriculture and food) and how we need to rise to the climate emergency.

It then goes on to explore how we can use Zero Carbon Britain's research, through education, developing a plan for local communities, influencing policy, taking action as individuals and organisations, and using art and creative practices to engage.

It also provides a positive and technically feasible future scenario that aims to stimulate debate, foster all-party political commitment and catalyse action across all parts of society.

For more information on the report and to read the downloadable version, visit:

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