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Friday, 17th November 2017

Permaculture magazine offers a targeted readership who are can do and practical, who look for quality information, solutions and products and who are supportive of others.

The deadline for advertising in the next issue of Permaculture magazine, PM95, published 31st January 2018, is Thursday 30th November 2017. Contact [email protected] to have your course, event, product, service or request included.

Permaculture magazine offers a targeted readership who are can do and practical, who look for quality information, solutions and products and who are supportive of others. 

Each issue is now read by over 100,000 people (print and digital). We have over 300,000 followers on Facebook, 32,000 via Twitter, 32,000 via Instagram and our YouTube channel has had over 2.5m views. All of these are growing as permaculture is taken-up around the world.

An advert in the print edition also appears on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (from the App Store) and Android versions of the magazine. Print subscribers receive a FREE Digital and App access and access to all of our back issues (that’s 25 years worth!).

We appear at plenty of prominent events and PM is offered on hundreds of courses, and at universities/institutions, each quarter. PM is stocked in WHSmith, health food stores, specialist outlets, newsagents and for the first time PM94 was stocked in Sainsbury’s. This means the magazine is out there engaging with the general public and striving to share these array of can-do solutions with the mainstream.

We encourage our advertisers and partners to offer Permaculture’s readers special offers and benefits. So, in our current issue, PM94, you will find things like:

  • Triodos Bank offering readers £40 to spend at our Green Shopping online store if you save with them (triodos.co.uk/greenshopping)
  • The Phone Coop will give readers £20 credit if they switch to their Fairphone a handset produced to the highest ethical standards and which is easy to repair and upgrade (www.thephone.coop/permaculture)
  • The original green energy provider Ecotricity offer you a free subscription (or addition to your existing subscription) if you switch to them (www.ecotricity.co.uk/permaculture)
  • There are money savings to be had on books, tools, products, courses, holidays and places to stay 
  • and  if you subscribe to the magazine you save money on your subscription, help to spread the word and support permaculture projects worldwide

For the first time ever one of our books, from the book publishing arm of what we do, is up for a MAJOR award illustrating how permaculture is reaching ever more people and media (the press, radio, TV and even drama series and Hollywood ask to include the magazine and its writers … keep your eyes peeled for more news on all of these things over the coming weeks).

For further details email: [email protected] or view our Media Pack www.permaculture.co.uk/sites/default/files/Media%20Pack%202017.pdf

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