Youth in Permaculture Prize 2019

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Thursday, 14th March 2019

The Youth in Permaculture Prize is back for 2019. Permaculturists 25 years and under, who are spearheading projects based on eco-friendly agricultural practices or efforts to improve social fabric, can apply.

The Abundant Earth Foundation, in partnership with Permaculture Magazine, is proud to announce call for applications for 2019’s Youth in Permaculture Prize.

Young permaculturists, 25 years old and under, who are spearheading projects based on eco-friendly agricultural practices or efforts to improve the social fabric of their community are invited to apply. A total of £5,000 (GBP) in awards will be given ($6,630 (USD)).

Youth are truly the future of our planet. In order to recognise and honour their talent and intelligence, this world-wide prize will spotlight young leaders who are dedicating their time to make the world a better place and create a future that provides for all.

With so much at stake regarding climate change, economic disparity, and loss of species, today’s youth are motivated to do what they can to change the destructive path the world is on. Moreover, adults have much to learn from them and many ways to support their efforts. This prize is designed to share stories, solutions, and methods we can all participate in, steering a new course for the future, while allowing the youth to lead the way.

Projects which have a potential to “go viral,” with a multiplying effect, that can easily be replicated by others are of special interest. Real-world application of Permaculture Ethics and Principles will be considered in the evaluation of the applicants. Care for the Planet, People, and the Future are the Ethics and foundation of permaculture. More information about permaculture can be found at

An international panel of young judges will choose projects based on the impact they will have on the environment, providing food, offering solutions to economic or social problems, or other means of creating a better future.

Entries for the Youth in Permaculture Prize must be in by 15th June 2019 with winners announced in October. You can apply here: 

Over 25 years of age and running a permaculture project? Permaculture Magazine International have launched the Permaculture Magazine Prize, where £20,000 will be awarded to 5 projects (£10,000 to the main winner) to specifically award money to permaculture projects that reach ordinary people and demonstrate best practice permaculture both in terms of ecological and socially / culturally innovative design. You can find out more information and apply here:

Last Year's Winners

The 2018 prize saw three winners.

The main winner of the Abundant Earth Youth Prize was Millicent Anyango (lead image), who uses permaculture methods to feed orphans, school children, and the homeless. Millicent grew up an orphan in Kenya. She now works at her orphanage teaching the children about fresh, nutritious food. The surplus food goes to the homeless project Millicent also works with. Her commitment to the next generation at such a young age is extraordinary. 

Runners up are:

  • Tierra Nueva. After being devastated by hurricane Maria, John Lago Gonzalez turned his family farm in Puerto Rico into a showcase for permaculture techniques. A tree and herb nursery, and waste collection system are already benefitting the community.
  • Felipe Vasconez grows fresh, organic vegetables high in the Ecuadorian mountains. He aims to create a shared space in Ecuador’s capital, where organic and permaculture producers from across the country, can sell their produce whilst.

John Lago Gonzalez

Felipe Vasconez

More about these winners can be found in PM98.

About Abundant Earth

The Abundant Earth Foundation is a new initiative, comprised of philanthropists and activists working to regenerate environmental and social landscapes by supporting others through pooling resources to create a more just and inclusive world for all. By giving funds directly to those implementing the projects, this grassroots approach to philanthropy offers a direct link between donations and impact.

For an interview or to learn more about permaculture and the Youth in Permaculture Prize, contact Abundant Earth Foundation’s executive director, Hannah Apricot Eckberg at Hannah[at]