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Monday, 10th July 2017
Permaculture magazine
Returning for its seventh year to Piercefield Park in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty near Chepstow, this year’s Green Gathering promises to be the best yet. The Gathering has signed up to A...
Wednesday, 28th June 2017
Permaculture magazine
Forest Farm Peace Garden in East London is opening its doors for the annual 'World Music Day', to celebrate the Redbridge thriving diverse community. The event is on Sunday 9th July, and will run...
Wednesday, 28th June 2017
Permaculture magazine
The French edition of Ben Law’s classic Roundwood Timber Framing book ( has just been translated into...
Tuesday, 27th June 2017
Andrew Millison - Oregon State University
Over the last few years, Oregon State University have been giving free online 'Intro to Permaculture' courses. Now they have condensed the course into a free downloadbale guide for everyone to access...
Monday, 26th June 2017
Permaculture magazine
This week (end of June 2017) sees the launch of A People’s Food Policy – a ground-breaking manifesto outlining a people’s vision of food and farming in England that is supported by over 80 food and...
Tuesday, 13th June 2017
Permaculture magazine
Embarking on a mission to mitigate climate change by changing people's thinking through dance music and lyrics about organic gardening, Australia's Formidable Vegetable Sound System have been...
Wednesday, 7th June 2017
Permaculture magazine
British ecopoet, Helen Moore, has just been awarded $AUD1,000 for the publication of one of her poems in Meniscus, an online, free access literary journal published by the Australasian Association of...
Monday, 5th June 2017
Einstein's Garden
Could you grow your own edible forest at home? Might forest gardens be the answer to sustainable home food production? What unusual tastes and temptations lie in the layers of a woodland ecosystem?...
Tuesday, 30th May 2017
Permaculture magazine
The first South West Permaculture Convergence takes place on June 9-11th at Goffin Land, Devon, with hundreds of talks, workshops, delicious local food and entertainment. Along with a permablitz,...
Tuesday, 2nd May 2017
Adam Ormes Court
Following the launch of SoilHack at the first UK Farm Hack event in 2015, the first SoilHack gathering will be held on the 27th-28th May in Somerset, England. Details here: