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50 Watts of Natural Lighting from a Plastic Bottle   50 Watts of Natural Lighting from a Plastic Bottle
by Alfredo Mozer | 8203 likes | read now
Gomphidius glutinosus   How Mushrooms Can Clean Up Radioactive Contamination - An 8 Step Plan
by Paul Stamets | 14869 likes | read now
Mushroom logs   Make a Living from Growing Mushrooms
by Richard Edwards | 11620 likes | read now
Loo2.jpg   Compost toilet competition: Who's got the finest loo in the land?
by Rebecca Gibbs | 353 likes | read now
compost narrowboat   Nomadic Permaculture & how to make compost and weed tea in a small space (on a narrowboat)
by Alice Griffin | 100 likes | read now


solar-dehydrator   Build your own DIY solar dehydrator
by Tracy Chandler | 388 likes | read now
How to Make a 16 Brick Rocket Stove   How to Make a 16 Brick Rocket Stove
by Dr. Larry Winiarski | 337 likes | read now
Retreat-and-Wheat.jpg   How to Build a Garden Retreat from Cob
by Michael Buck | 390 likes | read now
P1010064_0.JPG   Making A Wildlife Habitat From Recycled & Found Materials
by Tim Harland | 8091 likes | read now
Masonry stove   Masonry stoves: how to make one from recycled paving slabs
by Steve James & Eli Benedetti | 282 likes | read now
IMG_3039.jpg   An electricity-free terracotta fridge
by Patrick Whitefield | 5967 likes | read now
Serious soil compaction (not our farm)   'Earth' – So important they named a planet after it (& how to build hugel beds)
by Tim Green & Rebecca Hosking | 249 likes | read now


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