Archie Hope

Archie Hope


Archie is the subscriptions manager at Permaculture magazine.

My main interests are health, minimalist living and travel.

Permaculture to me is the ability to think differently about the use of space, time and resources. It has changed my view on the world around me, I now see endless opportunities to interact with nature and take lessons from natural ecosystems and apply these to my own needs as well as the wider community. I am so grateful for the opportunities working at Permaculture magazine has given me to further develop this passion.

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Archie Hope |
Friday, 3rd November 2017

Through passion and curiosity Peter Burke has devised a very detailed (yet extremely simple) method of growing soil sprouts on windowsills, requiring minimal cost, space and time. Did you know that for about 15-20 minutes a day, you can harvest a pound of nutritionally dense greens on a regular basis for a fraction of the cost if you were to buy them? It doesn’t matter how large or small your home is or what the time of year is. You don’t need a greenhouse, artificial lights or pumps, just a windowsill and cupboard.