How to make eggy rye bread - an alternative French toast recipe

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Monday, 22nd August 2011

Eggy bread is a popular breakfast with many. But what about the wheat intolerant folks? The following recipe is pretty much gluten-free, easy to make and some may say - even more delicious than run of the mill french toast!

After a fresh slice made from the sourdough recipe Carl Legge shared with me a couple of months ago, I was a complete rye bread convert. I never used to like ryebread and thought it tasted more like the packaging around the food, rather than actual food. This is because the stuff I'd tried was the kind that keeps for months on end, which made my brain flag a warning light. It can only be freaky and unnatural, I told myself, a food of skinny people, dirty dirty dietary goods.

But now, I love a lazy bit of toasted rye bread in the morning with a slurp of organic extra-virgin olive oil - satisfying and so, so simple. As breakfast is traditionally breaking the fast, we need something with plenty of energy to keep us going through the day. Eggy rye bread is protein packed and it can be made to suit the mood you're in because it goes with pretty much anything you would adorn an omelet with.

If you're lucky enough to have chickens, the most difficult thing about this recipe is popping down to the end of your garden. If you have a friend who keeps chickens, see if they have any eggs going spare. Every week, I barter vegetables from the garden for half a dozen fresh eggs with one of my mates. Her chickens are organic, free-range and happy and spend all day gingerly rooting through her compost heap.

Don't have time to make sourdough rye bread from scratch? Try this with shop bought fresh seeded rye bread. Each seed makes a satisfying *pop* in your mouth and gives extra crunch to the comforting, pillowy texture.

Favourite eggy bread combos

  • Simple snipped chives
  • Ham and watercress
  • Summer fruits banana and honey (as featured on my blog)
  • Rocket, goats cheese and balsamic vinegar
  • Smoked salmon and dill with a squeeze of lemon
  • Ricotta and sage


  1. Heat up some rapeseed oil in a pan
  2. Break the eggs up in a flat bottomed bowl with a fork
  3. Mix in a little salt and pepper and a choice of your added ingredients
  4. Soak the rye bread for half a minute each side
  5. Fry it all on a medium heat until golden brown.

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