The Bottle Wall Bar

Tim Vierhout
Wednesday, 10th June 2015

Tim Vierhout recycled used glass bottles and created his own bottle wall for his outdoor bar and BBQ area.

I have a wooden chalet and thought it would look nice to have my own outdoor bar at one side and have the BBQ on the other.

This project was not completed in one weekend; it took a while to collect all the bottles as I wanted them all to be of the same sort.

The lampshades are two terracotta flower pots with 3 Watt LEDs in them. It looks lovely at night.

We have had some enjoyable BBQ evenings during the summer and can’t wait for summer 2015.

I call it my outdoor entertainment centre.

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ross ross ross |
Mon, 17/08/2015 - 16:43

Hey Tim, hope you see this as i have a similar project in planning. I have laid the foundations (concrete slab) but was wondering what kind of support structure you used? I really don't want to concrete the bottles in, just in case someone has to remove it in the future.