Collapsable Sun Powered Shelters

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Friday, 28th March 2014

Thousands are losing their homes each year due to climate change and war but the solar powered tent could be the solution!

A new style of shelter has been produced by architect and designer, Abeer Seikaly.

The collapsable shelter is made from a woven fabric, which can easily be destructed to make it mobile.

The outer skin absorbs solar energy which is converted into usable electricity and the inner skin includes many pockets which can be used for storage.

There is a water storage tank on the top of the shelter, and as water rises through the thermosiphoning system, it warms providing quick showers. It also has a drainage system to prevent the tent from flooding.

The shelter can adapt to hot and cold climates, either opening up to allow light and air in or closing down to keep out the cold, making it ideal for any climate.

Although a small space, it is the perfect solution for displaced people, from refugees to those who have lost their homes to storms and our increasingly unpredictable weather.

"This lightweight, mobile, structural fabric could potentially close the gap between need and desire as people metaphorically weave their lives back together, physically weaving their built environment into a place both new and familiar, transient and rooted, private and connected," says Abeer Seikaly.

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