Culinary Bio-remediation

Stefan Geyer
Sunday, 1st April 2018

Stefan Geyer discovers a new arena of permaculture design solutions, culinary bio-remediation with arancini. Or was it just a bad dream?

Photo caption: Bluey seeking out culninary bio-remediation

I must be getting old, as I read on your last front cover 'cleaning up our urban waterways with vegan arancini'. What an incredible idea, I thought, these permaculturalists really are a creative bunch, living the oft quoted permaculture principle of 'the yield is only limited by the imagination of the designer' to the max. With this big build up I was mightily disappointed to find that they were actually two separate articles (cleaning up our urban waterways and a vegan arancini recipe).

I took my disappointment to bed and slept on it, but during the night I found myself walking around and around a massive herb spiral until at last I came across giant arancini balls floating on the canal near where I live - clearing up urban pollution while feeding hungry vegans. Sadly it turned out to be just a dream. Or was it more a prophetic vision?

In the morning, not to be outdone, the problem is the solution and all that, using my trusty permaculture design tools of mind maps, A-frames and Chutzpah, I developed a new groundbreaking multi-functional appropriate technology thing. A large sphere of compressed wood chip inoculated with fungus spawn, would be wrapped in coir fibres woven with straw and dry bracken, and finally rolled in wet sawdust, which would make it look suitably coppery (arancini = little oranges in Italian). When floated on a body of water that had just been victim of a oil spill it would generously soak up the toxic hydrocarbons and within a short few weeks sprout tasty, nutritious oyster mushrooms - finally breaking down into sweet smelling compost.

I have yet to try out my invention, but would be interested in hearing how any of your readers get on with this brave new world of culinary bio-remediation.

Do I get a free book?

Every solution published does indeed award the author with a free book.

Stefan Geyer is the author of Zen in the Art of Permaculture Design, a remarkably wise, sweet dream inducing little book.

The articles mentioned in Stefan's post are from Permaculture issue 95. For details please click HERE.


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I must be getting old, as I read on your last front cover 'cleaning up our urban waterways with vegan arancini :(

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