How to make a swing bed from recycled materials

Permaculture magazine
Friday, 19th July 2013

Admit it, you've at some point in your life dreamed of rocking on your own swing bed... Making one is easier than you might think!

It's the ultimate Sunday scene. A suspended bed that will allow you to laze away a hot afternoon reading a novel. Somewhere to curl up in a blanket on a cool morning, enjoying the fresh air. This one has a particularly good view. All you need to make it are some branches, some string, some old rope and a futon - we ran out of wood and decided to use old skis and although they have retired from the slopes, they are still very strong. 

How to make your swing bed

Measure your branches to roughly the same length then strip the bark with a chisel. 

Lay your long branches (and skis) lengthways across two shorter branches, one at the top and one at the bottom as if you are building a raft. Lash with a strong string. For a video on how to lash, click here.

Attach climbing rope to the two branches underneath by lashing at each corner. Hang with a strong hook.

When you're done with all this, lay a futon on top with plenty of cushions and you’re ready to relax.

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