Kitchen Garden Recipes: chopping board cleaners

Stephanie Hafferty
Thursday, 23rd April 2020

No dig gardener and recipe creator, Stephanie Hafferty, shares her homemade recipes from the garden for cleaning your wooden chopping boards.

I much prefer to use wooden or bamboo chopping boards rather than plastic. They are hard wearing, easy to clean, long lasting, kind to my knives and if they eventually do break, can be easily upcycled into something else or used as firewood. It is important to keep your chopping boards clean, whichever you prefer to use. These recipes are designed for wooden and bamboo boards, but the scrubs and sprays will also work well on plastic (don’t use the oil on plastic boards though!).

In addition to these recipes you will need hot water, cleaning cloths and a scrubbing brush. A small wooden scraper can be useful too.

These recipes are ideal for unvarnished wooden kitchen tables – don’t use on anything fancy!

Simple lemon and salt scrub

Coarse grain salt
1 lemon, cut in half 

Wash your board to remove any crumbs, dirt etc.

Sprinkle with the salt and use half a lemon to scrub. This will help to sanitise and remove stains. 

If you are cleaning a lot of wood, you may need to use more salt and the other half lemon. Use a scrubbing brush or scraper to remove anything stubborn.

Put the lemon in the compost and leave the salty boards for 30 minutes, then wash with warm water and allow to dry.

Lemon and salt paste

This is useful for awkward shaped areas or to use up spare lemon juice.

120g (4oz/½ cup) coarse salt
½ lemon, juice
Old toothbrush and soft cloths or a scrubbing brush

Mix together the salt and lemon juice and apply using a cloth or scrubbing brush, using a toothbrush for any awkward to reach areas. Continue as for the Simple lemon and salt scrub.

Zingy kitchen and wooden board scrub

2 tbsp dried ground zest from lemons, oranges or limes
2 tbsp dried ground lemon balm or lemon verbena
1 cup coarse salt

Mix the ingredients together and store in a labelled jar.

Use as above, but apply with a damp brush or cloth. This scrub is also good for cleaning taps, sinks, work surfaces and bathrooms.

Creative%20Kitchen-cover.jpgRecipe taken from Stephanie's book, The Creative Kitchen: Seasonal Plant Based Recipes for Meals, Drinks, Garden and Self CareA guide to cooking seasonal, plant-based meals, as well as drinks, soaps, balms, and store cupboard ingredients like vinegars and essences.

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