Permaculture in Action - Free Christmas Decorations!

Rozie Apps
Saturday, 7th December 2013

How to make completely FREE Christmas decorations and tree in true permaculture style!

Christmas tends to cost a lot of money - there's the food, presents and decorations. 

Here at the Sustainability Centre where Permaculture magazine is based, we have a beautiful Christmas tree in the foyer, which has been made from recycled and reused items, making it completely FREE!

Julie who made the tree and decorations, didn't want to buy a tree, or cut one down, so she has used dead branches found on the ground. Not only are they beautiful, but you can have fun looking for crazy and different shaped branches that suit you - twisted, tall, crooked.

She has recycled light bulbs that would normally be thrown away, and painted them in various colours and patterns. 

Everything Julie has used is recycled, reused or upcycled - perfect permaculture principles! 

From the cardboard toilet rolls that have been cut into crowns and painted, fur cones, buttons stuck on pieces of old bed slats and painted, or turned into 'icicles', to the re-used ribbons and string, Julie has created beautiful decorations that are easy to make and great fun for the kids.

Even the presents under the tree are wrapped with a jumper sleeve and men's suit, so that they can be reused next year.

So get experimenting and see if you can reuse and recycle to make free and fun Christmas decorations!

Rozie Apps is assistant editor at Permaculture magazine and Permanent Publications. 

Further resources

Check out the excellent children's and adult courses at The Sustainability Centre, come to our wonderful Green Fair in May or stay in our eco-lodge or tipis and yurts! You can even drop by whilst walking the ancient South Downs Way and have a bite to eat in the organic Beech Café.

Bring back the lean and green Father Christmas


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