Readers' Solutions

Laura Pardoe - Field Fresh Skincare |
Wednesday, 9th January 2019
Marshmallow is a wonderful ingredient to use in skincare, such as this Marshmallow Hand Cream recipe. You can read more about its skin-loving properties here. It’s a star ingredient in Field Fresh Skincare’s award-winning Marshmallow Dream Cream. This has a double dose of marshmallow: it starts with a marshmallow infusion which is added to a blend... more
Laura Pardoe - Field Fresh Skincare |
Monday, 7th January 2019
When your skin feels dry you need look no further than a simple apple for help. Apples can help give your skin a boost when used in a nurturing face mask. It’s good to use ingredients in your mask that grow in your climate. Fruit is often a good option as many contain AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) which help break down the gluey substance that holds... more
Robert Woods |
Thursday, 22nd November 2018
Aquaponics systems have become more and more popular over the last few years, and there’s no surprise why. This method of growing food is completely organic; it uses the fishes waste to grow the plants as well as having numerous other benefits. It reduces the amount of water needed to growing plants in comparison to other traditional gardening... more
Claire Woods |
Monday, 15th October 2018
Winter can be a demanding time for both chickens and chicken owners. However there are several things you can do to prepare for winter which will make both you, and your chickens’ life, much easier. Keep reading to learn the four key steps to preparing your flock for winter. Step 1: Get Your Coop Ready The first thing you need to do is prepare... more
Lorraine Casserly |
Thursday, 4th October 2018
When I walk into the small market town where I live I am constantly struck by the amount of free food I pass that's available to me. Fruit, nuts and salads are plentiful. All I need is a keen eye, an open mind and a willingness to try and put some free food on the table each week. In late summer there are apples, blackberries and elderberries... more
Matthew Douglas |
Friday, 21st September 2018
In 2015 I began the task of building a three bedroom cabin for myself and my family, with limited building experience and a small budget. The experience has changed my life and has gifted me with new skills, new perspective and some useful tips for anyone wishing to attempt something similar. The aim of the project was to build an off grid, low... more
Martin Holme |
Monday, 30th July 2018
For many years I have wanted an eco-house in the country but as I live in the southeast of England where property prices are so high, this is a long-term plan. My home is a fairly standard semi-detached house. There are lots of things that can be done to reduce carbon emissions but many initiatives cost quite a bit of money. The more I spend here... more
Melissa Breyer - Treehugger |
Monday, 30th July 2018
When you picture 'exercising', do you envision getting into the car and driving to the gym where you then strain and struggle with strange machines while breathing indoor-sporty air, before getting back in your car and driving home? Is that a pleasant scenario for you? A lot of people love the gym, and seriously, more power to them. I am not one... more
J.K.Rooke |
Tuesday, 3rd July 2018
Sustainable forests and gardens try not to use chemicals or fertilisers from outside. The soil should remain increasingly fertile because it is covered in mixed growth. Bare soil looses nutrients and structure fairly rapidly, and it is in the nature of ploughed field commercial agriculture that dangerous chemicals have to be used to preserve... more
Sarah Buckingham |
Friday, 11th May 2018
These herbs are easy to grow, and provide a valuable source of food for bees and other pollinating insects. They are also great for cooking with, and growing your own herbs saves you money too. Plant a variety of herbs to flower with every season, and you’ll be helping lots of different bees to find nectar and pollen throughout the year. Join the... more
Susan Tipton-Fox |
Friday, 11th May 2018
Spring is often when bees will swarm, so here's a guide to why bees swarm and how to catch one. What Is Bee Swarming? Beekeepers today now try to control their hives and not let them swarm. Some may ask, "what IS swarming?". Very simply; a new colony of bees have been formed. Most often the old queen will leave with her worker bees and search out... more
Andy Reynolds |
Wednesday, 18th April 2018
Solar power is all around us and is one of the reasons why we exist as we are. Trees and plants are of course the supreme example of natural solar collectors having evolved over vast swathes of time to harness this natural resource. As a bi-product of this process they helpfully provide us with an almost unquantifiable range of goods, fibre with a... more