Welly Welding

Alan Jewell
Thursday, 6th November 2014

An easy, quick and free method to fixing your holey wellies!

Many people will, like me, have had wellies that have sprung a small leak.

I have found that most wellies will melt with heat, enabling a repair to be made.

Initially, I used a temperature controller soldering iron on its lowest heat and achieved moderate success.

Most successful was using a magnifying glass and the sun. By varying the area of focus (by adjusting the distance), very good control of the heating is possible.

If smoke is seen, back off abit. It takes a bit of practise to get this right.

When the area is up to temperature, I use a small screwdriver to spread the semi-molten plastic to seal the hole. I have successfully saved two pairs of wellies, both with small puncture damage from nails etc. 

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