Simon Hursthouse |
Thursday, 13th October 2016
With the subtitle One Quarter Acre, Two French Farmers, and Enough Food to Feed the World, how can you resist? Miraculous Abundance charts one couple’s journey putting down roots in Normandy, following individual careers that let them see the world... more
Rozie Apps |
Tuesday, 2nd August 2016
The beauty of permaculture is that it mimics nature, which means it can be applied to all kinds of landscapes and environments. I’m always interested to hear how other people have implemented it to suit their lifestyle and situation, and there is... more
Maddy Harland |
Friday, 29th July 2016
Industrial agriculture is one of the processes that spews carbon and other greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. Carbon farming, a collective term for regenerative forms of agriculture that build soil and biomass and sequester carbon in both, has... more
Tony Rollinson |
Wednesday, 27th July 2016
Temper Theatre, a company of 18 to 22 year olds and led by 22 year old Finn Morrell, is taking on climate change in a new show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The piece, Terra Incognita (running time 50 minutes, view a short preview here), aims to... more
Bill Roley |
Friday, 22nd July 2016
Climate change and increased variability of severe droughts worsens our problems of landscape, orchard and crop production. Droughts are becoming more common and severe. We are running short of water in many parts of the world and the cost of water... more
Maddy Harland |
Monday, 18th July 2016
We have had a full Bonfire Outdoor Kitchen set for some time and have enjoyed cooking outside with the stewpot. It is great for larger groups of people and for parties and provides a real focus to an event with the added benefit of a fire pit after... more
Burra Maluca |
Friday, 15th July 2016
This book will help anyone to develop appropriate community-scale solutions to the global problem of sustainable energy supply. It is engagingly written and designed to empower ordinary people to make a real difference. It gives a lot of the history... more
Ben Law |
Thursday, 7th July 2016
I have really enjoyed reading How to Build a Natural Swimming Pool. It is a great resource for anyone interested in building a natural swimming pool or simply wanting to know more. As natural pools become ever more popular, there has been an... more
Maddy Harland |
Thursday, 30th June 2016
I kept on spotting this book on the review copy pile and thinking it looked interesting. The cover particularly jumped out at me. Yet it took me a while to open the pages and start reading. I needed to go on holiday first and have time to read at... more
Katie Shepherd |
Monday, 27th June 2016
As someone who has been using permaculture design in broad scale farming over the last 15 years or so, I was really interested to read this new permaculture farming book from the US. In The Bio-Integrated Farm, Jadrnicek shares his experience as... more