Western Style Dutch Oven Cook Set Review

John Adams
Wednesday, 7th September 2011

A recipe for success, cowboy cooking steaks using a western style cast iron cook set.

I am a big fan of outdoor cooking so I was delighted to get hold of a Ronnie Sunshine's Classic Camping, Western Style Dutch Oven Cookset.

This set consists of a 4 litre (7 pint) Dutch oven, a skillet pan and a griddle plate. They are all made of good quality pre-seasoned cast iron, so after a quick lick of oil, you can use them straight away. They come in a stout wooden box with rope handles along with a folding pan rest and a lid lifting tool.

There are a lot of possible uses for these components: the Dutch oven which has short legs and a hanging handle can be used for roasting and baking, casseroles, stews and chillies, soups, boiled vegetables, etc. The skillet has a pouring lip and is good for frying, making sauces, etc., and the reversible griddle can be used to grill meat on one side and as a frying sheet on the other. They can be used with a BBQ, fire pit, open fire or even on a conventional stove.

Dutch oven recipe books always quote numbers of charcoal briquettes to be used on the lid and under the oven. Cowboys didn't have charcoal briquettes, they would have used a wood fire, so I did that. Twenty minutes in, I put a digital temperature probe into the oven. It went to 249ºC and died; maybe a bit too hot then. I removed most of the fire and left the oven for another 40 minutes, result: baked potatoes which had a hard black shell but which once opened were the tastiest I have ever had. Everything else went to plan: the griddle did excellent seared steaks and grilled vegetables, and I fried up some mushrooms in the skillet.

Comment from my wife, who arrived late and wasn't aware of the cooking process "I don't know how you cooked this but everything is really delicious". You can't get better praise than that.

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