Z Star Manual Juicer Review

John Adams
Wednesday, 31st August 2011

John puts the robust Z Star Manual Juicer through its paces, and discovers a simple machine that does exactly what it should without a plug or a battery in sight...

Good manual juicers are hard to find, and really good ones like the Z Star Manual Juicer, which can even juice wheatgrass, are very rare indeed. First impressions were that the juicer is made of quality materials and is slightly larger than other manual models I have tried. It assembles easily and fixes to the table top with a metal screw clamp.

It juiced apples with ease, and I only had to halve the apples to get them into the feed chute. The resulting juice was delicious if slightly thick and bitty by commercial standards. Oranges and bananas were even easier and produced truly excellent juice quality.

Much to my surprise wheatgrass didn't prove to be much of a challenge either, though it did require a bit more muscle to turn the handle. I got a good yield of juice and the ejected pulp was nearly completely dry. The resulting juice proved almost dangerously moreish!

One huge plus, it washed up really easily. All in all, it 's definitely the best manual juicer I have tried.

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