Bon-Fire Outdoor Kitchen Set

John Adams
Thursday, 19th June 2014

A multi-purpose bon-fire set perfect for gardens, patios and campsites. With bbq grid, steel pan, stew pot and coffee pot/kettle, this versatile set is very handy.

Having gone to Devon with my family, only to find that the AGA we had intended to use had failed, the Bon-Fire outdoor kitchen was pressed into full time service.

I managed to very successfully cook a range of meals for nine people on it for several days. Highlights were roast beef, jacket potatoes and veg - I had once done a leg of lamb before but that was using a dome from another bbq - this time I improvised and turned the stew pot upside down to make an oven.

My son made a delicious version of Jamie Oliver's cowboy chilli and with a 2.2 litre kettle on the embers we had plenty of hot water. Never leave home without one!

The Bon-fire Outdoor Kitchen set 1 includes: Tripod, Stew Pot, Fire pit, BBQ grid, BBQ pan and Coffee Pot. 

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