Cast Iron BBQ Hob and Slow Cooker

John Adams
Tuesday, 28th January 2014

As spring arrives your thoughts may well turn to summer and the prospect of BBQs. I have already started as I have been using a Netherton Cast Iron BBQ Hob and Slow Cooker this winter. This consists of an attractive 4 litre (7pt) cast iron casserole dish with a Welsh oak knob on the lid, and a cast iron BBQ bowl with Welsh oak wooden feet. The idea is to use it as a slow cooker to make tasty, satisfying one pot meals outdoors. The casserole comes pre-seasoned, but I did it one more time to make sure. Then I invited my long suffering friends to dinner (they are getting used to being experimented on) and made a game casserole using a Good Housekeeping slow cooker recipe.

The BBQ base was loaded with 24 compressed charcoal briquettes which lasted for the six hours cooking time required. I was a bit worried about using the BBQ on a wooden garden table so I stood it on a rack to space it a bit. It was probably alright, but I thought it wise to use something for protection anyway. The resulting casserole was delicious and the pot itself was decorative enough to serve from at the table. Since then the casserole pot has rarely been out of use, making a range of stews, casseroles and soups indoors on our induction hob. It hasn't been used in the oven yet as it has never been needed, but it can be if required (I do store it in the oven when not in use though). It cleans really easily, without detergents of course, and has never stuck or needed reseasoning. The BBQ bowl has a heavy cast iron grid on top and I look forward to doing some more conventional BBQ cooking on it when the weather improves. In summary, this is a well made and versatile outfit which can be used to cook delicious meals for up to eight people almost anywhere and in any weather.

The bonus is that the two parts are useful in their own right and can be used at home or away. Luckily we escaped the power cuts over Christmas, but if we hadn't I feel sure this would have saved the day. 

All of these products are made by Netherton Foundry in Shropshire, UK who have been making cookware for the past 30 years. They take sustainability very seriously and only make quality products – with most materials sourced from within 50 miles – supply spare parts if required and can recycle a product at the end of its life.

The Cast Iron BBQ Hob and Slow Cooker are available as a set or seperately (click image below)