COMMON LAND: A Guide To Active Usage & Exercising Your Rights

Tony Rollinson, Permaculture
Monday, 12th December 2011

A little book that navigates the minefield of Common Land in Britain, offers valuable help for smallholders, downshifters and hill farmers and covers all aspects of rights relating to livestock, plants, and minerals plus information about enforcement.

COMMON LAND: A Guide To Active Usage And Exercising Your Rights

John Kruse
The Good Life Press, 2011
210 x 134mm, 128pp
£12.99 special price £10.99

This is a much needed look at the often misunderstood laws relating to common land in England and Wales. There are about 1.3 million acres of common land in England and Wales, about one third of this lies in Wales, the rest is found predominantly in the north and west of England. The author navigates the minefield of our legal systems and clarifies the arcane medieval laws that inform the relationships between landowners and commoner. Common Land provides valuable help to those who run smallholdings, those who seek to be self-sufficient, downshifters and hill farmers. The details are thorough and by turns can make you both smile and shake your head in disbelief.

The chapters cover the nature of common rights, general management issues, lifestock rights, vegetation, mineral and other rights and of course enforcement. The book also contains some sample forms that you can use. It is of both academic and practical interest will be of curiosity to students of our native traditions and heritage. Importantly, unlike previous books on the subject, it is written for commoners not lawyers, for the needs of the grazier and his/her stock.

The author has written two books on the history of agricultural byelaws and he fully understands enforcement law. This book is therefore a good resource to have on your side.