Helle Dokka Folding Knife

John Adams
Friday, 25th April 2014

A classic all-purpose folding lock knife from Helle, with lanyard hole and leather sheath.

If you are a regular reader of this column, you will probably already know I am a bit of a Helle fan. 


To date I own and use three of their wonderful full tang knives. While I do use them quite a lot I tend not to wear them on my person.The reason for this is twofold: firstly I feel quite self-conscious wearing a sheath knife on my belt and feel that I may represent a threatening presence to the casual observer, and secondly having a long item attached to your belt is often inconvenient. I find a sheath knife can make sitting uncomfortable, getting in and out of vehicle difficult, riding a horse pretty much impossible and it is prone to snagging on under-growth, branches, etc. The Helle Dokka Folding Knife may just be the answer.

It is built to Helle's usual high standards, with a beautiful curly birch handle and a locking, triple laminated steel blade. It is a nice fit in the hand, cuts with razor sharp precision (above) and can be used for nearly everything that a full tang model would. Best of all it folds away into a leather holster which can be worn comfortably and discreetly (left) with none of the fixed blade's restrictions. 

Nothing stated in this review should be interpreted as encouragement to break UK knife laws which prohibit the carrying of fixed blade and locking knives in a public place


The Helle Dokka Folding Knife is available from