Kupilka Boxed Set

John Adams
Wednesday, 19th June 2013

A set of traditional Scandinavian tableware made from largely recycled materials which is designed for use outdoors and blends rather than clashes with natural surroundings. Ideal for bushcraft, camping, picnics and outdoor living.

Whenever I eat outside round a campfire, at a picnic, or out in the woods, one thing that really annoys me is that what I am eating off and drinking out of usually clashes horribly with my surroundings. I have a particular loathing for plastic cups and plates which usually look ghastly and are not at all pleasant to use. Both of these problems are neatly addressed by the Kupilka Boxed Set. medium_ZUPLIKA-cheryll.jpgKupilka make Scandinavian style plates, bowls, cups and cutlery from a light-weight composite material consisting of 50% recycled wood fibre and 50% polypropylene. These highly durable, heat resistant products are not only surprisingly nice to use but they blend in beautifully with one's natural surroundings. medium_Zuplika-toasting-cup.jpgThe set, which includes a toasting cup on a leather thong, has been much admired by everyone who has seen or used it. A neat, ecologically sound answer to my problem. It's not cheap but you do get what you pay for. Ideal for anything from bushcraft to picnics. I would happily use it every day. 

N.B. At the end of the products life, this composite material can be returned to the manufacture for recycling into new products or more practicably, simply burnt as wood, with minimal environmental impact.



The Kupilka Boxed Set is available from www.green-shopping.co.uk