Lynx Saws

John Adams
Tuesday, 12th March 2013

A review of the Lynx range of high quality carpentry hand saws which have been made in Britain since 1858.

In PM74 I reviewed a Thomas Flinn 3 Foot One Man Cross Saw which I loved and it seems many of you do too. We are very lucky to still have a company making traditional quality saws in the UK. Most saws on general sale are mass produced in the Far East and while usually reasonably priced are not much to write home about in terms of quality.

Thomas Flinn's saws are quite the reverse; their range is largely made to order and quality is the byword which has kept them in business since 1923. They make saws under several famous brand names which they have acquired over the years. One such is the Lynx brand which has been manufactured in Sheffield since 1858 and it's one of their saws I am reviewing here.

The Lynx Rip Saw is available in four sizes: 20in (508mm), 22in (559mm), 24in (610mm), and 26in (660mm).

I tried the 26in (660mm) version which, like the others, features a taper ground blade to reduce the risk of jamming, 4.5 teeth per inch (25.4mm) angled for effective cutting down the grain and a beautiful beech handle. The blade is made of CS80 carbon spring steel and the teeth can be resharpened with a suitable file.Using it was a real revelation.

Normally I wouldn't consider making a 3 metre (10ft) cut with a handsaw. I would set up a fence on a circular saw and cut it that way. However, right from the start the Lynx's quality shone through – it started easily using the teeth on the toe of the blade and then proceeded to cut through the plank literally like a knife through butter. I could not have been more amazed at the ease of use and precision of the cut, which was achieved in about the same time it would have taken to set up the power saw. The resulting cut was a lot finer too.

I am a convert to these saws and will have to add a crosscut handsaw and panel saw to my toolkit.

If you want a new saw please consider buying a British one and have something that's both a pleasure to use and of a quality that you can hand it on to your grandchildren. 

Lynx Hand Saws are available from Green Shopping