Premier Cobb BBQ/Oven/Smoker

John Adams and Maddy Harland
Wednesday, 22nd January 2014

Incredibly versatile, the Premier Cobb can cook everything from your normal BBQ food like steak and sausages to a full roast dinner for four.

This portable yet highly efficient and eco-friendly BBQ/oven/cooker works on small quantities of compressed charcoal (6-10 briquets) that will give 2+ hours cooking. Incredibly versatile, it can cook everything from your normal BBQ food like steak and sausages to a full roast dinner for four, including the vegetables and gravy. The recipe book includes a wide range of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, plus baked goods such as pizzas and breads. It can also be used as a smoker by adding suitable wood chips and with a wok, frying pan or saucepan. The coolbase construction means it can be used on tabletops, boatdecks, etc., with little risk of scorching. Now includes a roasting rack for even cooking, which eliminates the need to turn your roast during cooking. Highly recommended by us.

I have been regularly using a Cobb for years now and it still wows everyone that sees it in action or eats a roast dinner from it and it is still as good as new barring a bit of smoke and cooking patina.  John Adams

Below is Maddy Harland's original review from 2007.

"For years I have been looking for an oven equivalent to the Storm Kettle - a device that is portable, light and works well in all weathers. I was delighted to discover the Cobb Oven, a portable oven, smoker, Stove or barbecue that is really well designed. It is a simple system: the bottom half has a small fire pit holding just a few coals surrounded by a reservoir. This reservoir can either be oiled and used for roasting vegetables or filled with plonk to flavour a roast and keep it moist. This whole lower assembly is encased in perforated metal which greatly reduces the heat transfer to the surface you have set up on. The Cobb comes with a non stick grill plate, domed lid, carry bag and recipe book. There is a wide range of accessories and spares available to cater for specific needs. It can also be used with a wok or frying pan. I decided to test it with a roast chicken (sorry non-meat eaters - skip this paragraph - but this oven can also be used for pizza, nut roasts, bread, roasted veg, fry ups, stir fries... the possibilities are endless). I dutifully read the instructions, greased the lid and reservoir with olive oil (for ease of cleaning afterwards) and lit 10 briquettes at the bottom (thinking this will never cook the chicken and last for one and a half hours!). I placed the bird, stuffed with rosemary, sage and wild garlic leaves on the tray. The kids watched me warily. Would I ruin a roast dinner with my madcap contraption? After 40 minutes I lifted the domed lid and turned the 1.5kg bird. I did this one more time, therefore only opening the oven twice during cooking. The result was a perfectly cooked and moist chicken, and coals that could have also cooked an apple pie during the first course. The oven was easy to clean afterwards. Time to test its capacity to barbecue, cook pizza and stir fry. Cooking with the lid on to retain heat and moisture resulted in succulent meat and vegetables. Generally, the Cobb lights well and is an excellent oven with great flexibility. Not only will it roast, cook dough and barbecue, it will also convert to a stove for stir fries and conventional fry ups. It can be used in windy weather, is safe on decking and is highly portable, coming with a handy carry bag. For a bit more than a Storm Kettle set, you get a highly efficient outdoor cooker. It's definitely going camping with us this year." 


The Premier Cobb BBQ and its big brother the Cobb Supreme are available from