Razor Edge Combi Blade Carving Kit

John Adams
Thursday, 31st October 2013

A handy, portable carving kit. The lock jaw mechanism on the handle allows use of both large and small tools, and the selection of heavy duty blades and gouges means a range of carving can be done.

The Razor Edge Spoon Carving Set reviewed in PM75 proved very popular but there is more to woodcarving than just spoons so I was pleased to find the Razor Edge Combi Blade Carving Kit. This has a curved gouge and a V gouge instead of the hooked blades. It certainly works very well (above) and combined with the other blades makes a lovely portable kit for letter cutting or sculpting wood into whatever you desire. If you already own the other kit, the gouges are also available separately.


The Razor Edge Combi Spoon carving Set is available from