Traditional Iron Frying Pans

John Adams
Tuesday, 9th September 2014

John Adams has fallen in love with his British made iron frying pan. Sustainably made, sourced from local materials and can be used indoors or out!

I have been using, and have quite fallen in love with, a Netherton 10 inch Traditional Frying Pan. This is, as its name suggests, a seasoned iron pan with a metal handle which is available with or without a Welsh oak handle pad. I removed the pad on mine to put it in the oven for re-seasoning and haven't felt the need to reattach it.

In an age of easy to look after non-stick aluminium frying pans, why on earth would you go back to cooking in iron, you might well ask? 

Well I rather thought that too, but having used it for three months I am quite sold. It is no more trouble to clean than a non-stick pan; a quick rinse with hot water immediately it comes off the stove is all that is required and if kept oiled it doesn't stick. 

It can also be used much hotter, can be transferred straight from hob to oven or grill, can be used indoors or out, and it doesn't risk contamination from PTFE and other chemicals. 

I have used it to cook everything from traditional fried breakfasts, to oyster mushrooms, browned meat for the casserole and steaks, I love it and look forward to using some of the other pans in the range.

All of these products are made by Netherton Foundry in Shropshire, UK, who have been making cookware for the past 30 years. They take sustainability very seriously and only make quality products – with most materials sourced from within 50 miles – supply spare parts if required and can recycle a product at the end of its life. 

Other sizes are also available, with or without handle pads (click pan below).

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