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Permaculture relies for the most part on a mix of articles from its readers and from established authors on permaculture and related subjects. If you would like to contribute an article or pictures for possible inclusion in a future issue of Permaculture, please refer to the editorial and pictorial guidelines below.

Editorial Guidelines


Permaculture readers are interested in two things:

  1. Practical, inspiring articles about projects that inspire and empower people to do something for themselves and/or their community, whether it be planting a garden, building a structure, setting up an renewable energy system, learning a craft, starting a community project... any how-to, DIY, small-scale project.
    Also appreciated are innovative people care ideas such as how communities/groups organise themselves, make decisions and resolve conflict. Articles published in Permaculture go onto the grapevine and help other people and projects all over the world that are looking for practical ideas, models, ways of working etc... The critical factor is to include tested step-by-step instructions for others to use and adapt.
  2. Permaculture also welcomes articles on a wide range of subjects relating to sustainable living. These can be stories about ecovillages, communities and projects. They can also be about subjects like Peak Oil and energy decline and how we will live in a world without cheap oil; what sort of economic systems as well as energy systems will survive and prosper? We are looking for examples of pioneering news, ways of living together and we appreciate critical thinking. We are NOT looking for ideological stories about sustainable living – to persuade others – we are more interested in realistic appraisals that will provide genuine guidelines and examples and help others to develop projects and formulate their ideas.

Both of the above points are asking for articles that are building blocks for creating a new sustainable culture. Permaculture seeks ideas, inspiration and practical models for people to experiment with and test out.


For print: Length 1,000-1,500 words maximum per article. Articles can be emailed to rozie[at] either in the body of the email or as an attached MS Word document. Before writing an article you are most welcome to email us with questions or send a synopsis. Payment for articles is by barter for display advertisements, subscriptions or books.

For online: Length 500-800 words. (Sometimes we can stretch to 1,000.) It is very important to understand the artcles already on our website and not submit replica articles.

Photographs & Illustrations - are a must!

Photographs make all the difference to an article and we like to receive as many as possible to choose from. Please send only photographs that illustrate your article and are of a high enough quality for reproduction (sharpness/composition/colour quality).

Digital photographs taken at the highest resolution possible because we print the magazine at 300dpi. As an easy guide we require each picture to be at least 1000k (1MB) in size, though JPEGs of around 4MB are preferable. If shooting for or submitting possible cover images please be aware that we require portrait aspect pictures of at least 2600 x 3660 pixels (minimum file size 4.5MB). Please send JPEG, TIF or RAW images to us via our Hightail account at

Prints and slides are only acceptable in exceptional circumstances, i.e. where the content is unique and no digital equivalent exists. Please contact us before sending non-digital media. 

Photos must be submitted with captions. Please supply one or two sentence captions, and photographer credits, per picture or group of pictures. Include the names of anyone in the photograph if at all possible. If you send a large selection of photographs (20+) we can contact you for captions and credits once we have made our selection.

Recognizable photographs of people be should model released or at least have the person’s permission to use it. Pictures of minors must be accompanied by a model release form signed by the child’s parents or guardians (forms can be found online or available from us on request). It is the photographer’s legal responsibility to ensure all pictures are cleared for reproduction both in Permaculture magazine and on the web.

Diagrams are welcome as JPEG files or TIF files.

If you have any editorial questions please contact the assistant editor, Rozie Apps (rozie[at]

For photographic enquiries please contact, Rozie Apps (rozie[at]

We regret it is not possible to pay for articles or picture at the present time.