Monday, 28th January 2019
Wade Muggleton from the Three Counties Orchard Project looks at how to grow fruit trees in even the smallest of spaces. He also shares how to best use your space for fruit trees, by using different root stocks and methods of pruning. Wade even has a tree with seven different apple varieties – all...
Three Counties Traditional Orchard Project |
Friday, 18th January 2019
Wade Muggleton from the Three Counties Orchard Project looks at how to plan and plant your own orchard. The planting season for bare rooted trees is essentially November to March, but as Wade states in the film, the best planting is before christmas before the ground gets really cold. The trees are...
Biomatrix Water |
Wednesday, 16th January 2019
Biomatrix Water are bringing nature back into urban areas through their floating ecosystems. Here they show the difference these floating ecosystems can have, with examples from Chicago, Manila and Manchester. It's becoming more evident that spending time in nature is good for our health, so...
Happen Films |
Monday, 14th January 2019
Formidable Vegetable are back with their new song, Earth People Fair. It's is the title track of their innovative, eclectic and urgent new album, inspired by the idea that we can all, at the same time mitigate and adapt to climate change by adopting the ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair...
Planet Community |
Thursday, 20th December 2018
The ecovillage at Dancing Rabbit, Northeastern Missouri, is a great example of a positive intentional community. Dancing Rabbit is a living experiment to uncover how to live more sustainably. They are doing this cooperatively, because they believe it is the secret ingredient to resiliency. Witness...
Charles Dowding |
Friday, 14th September 2018
More top tips from Chalres Dowding, this time sharing how to deal with bindweed in a no dig garden. Useful links Charles Dowding's latest book: No Dig Organic Home and Garden Watch: How to get the best harvests Watch: Charles Dowding's Homacres, after 4 years
Louis Johnson |
Friday, 31st August 2018
In the last few years, we've featured Reepham High School's Allotment Project in Permaculture Magazine International. Now you can get a true feel for the place with this short documentary. The project is an amazing place for children to learn about growing, but also to get outdoors, work together...
Huws Nursery |
Friday, 25th May 2018
Huws Nursery takes us on a trip around Charles Dowding's productive 1/4 acre market garden at Homeacres. Charles is a no dig expert, with over 25 years experience in vegetable growing. His abundant garden produces market quality food year round, through no dig beds, a greenhouse, polytunnel and...
Tiny House Giant Journey |
Tuesday, 15th May 2018
This beautiful converted van is a rentable camper with a slice of 'bee support'. The van includes a cooking area, mini sink, a heater, and even a built in sound system. There's plenty of storage and smart swaps for easy living, such as hexagonal 'honeycomb' holes instead of door knobs, and inset...
Huws Nursery |
Tuesday, 24th April 2018
Another useful video from Huw's Nursery. Here Huw shows his four bin composting system. The rotations allow for a constant space for new waste material, and enough time for each pile to decompose properly into usable compost. As Huw says, "You can never have enough compost!" Useful links 5 steps to...