Charles Dowding |
Thursday, 19th January 2017
No dig expert, Charles Dowding, walks us around his market garden in the winter months. Through January he has parsnips, lambs lettuce, perennial kale, savoy cabbage, red dragon mustard, as well as spring cabbage and broccoli that will be ready in the spring. Want more from Charles? His new diary...
Schumacher College |
Monday, 2nd January 2017
Rob Hopkins, co-founder of the Transition movemement, and Shaun Chamberlin, author and activist, present the work of the late and great Dr David Fleming who died in 2010. A man ahead of his time, he remains a key influence on the Transition movement, Green Party, New Economics Foundation and the...
Franz Fitzke and Jorg Schauberger |
Tuesday, 27th December 2016
An excellent documentary on the genius of Viktor Schauberger and his son, Walter Schauberger, who spent their lives researching and utilising water's hidden qualities. A fascinating exploration of their groundbreaking discoveries and water's secret qualities, it begins with Shauberger's early work...
Morag Gamble |
Thursday, 22nd December 2016
Upcycle plastic bottles and create a simple, self-watering pot - perfect for seedlings. Useful links Upcycle plastic bottles Permaculture in Pots Gardening With Less Water
Happen Films |
Friday, 25th November 2016
Visit a thriving, abundant and very beauitful forest garden planted by Robert and Robyn Guyto 23 years ago near the small town of Riverton at the bottom of New Zealand's South Island. The two-acre property has been transformed from a neglected piece of land full of abandoned vehicles into a...
Morag Gamble |
Wednesday, 23rd November 2016
Morag Gamble, from Our Permaculture Life, shows her easy method of making a natural fertiliser for your garden - the comfrey compost tea. What is a compost tea and how do you make it Using perennial polycultures to create mulch and fertilsers
TED Talk - Suzanne Simard |
Thursday, 10th November 2016
"A forest is much more than what you see," says ecologist Suzanne Simard. Her 30 years of research in Canadian forests have led to an astounding discovery - trees talk, often and over vast distances. In 2014, research showed that over the last decade, Canada had the worst forest desturbance rate of...
Centerforfoodsafety |
Friday, 4th November 2016
In one handful of soil, there are more organisms than there are humans on Earth. Soil is vital to our food needs - we rely on 95% of healthy soil for what we eat. It is also important in locking climate carbon to mitigate climate change. Many solutions to climate carbon have been found, including...
Huws Nursery |
Wednesday, 2nd November 2016
Community apple days are a fun way of learning about apples and apple pressing, as well as what and how to grow apples and other fruit trees, permaculture and build friendships. Huw Richards features his local permaculture group on their apple day, and finds out how beneficial these days are. Huw...
Friday, 28th October 2016
In this outstanding talk by Paul Hawkin, from Bioneers, find out about Project Drawdown - 100 solutions to climate change that we can all be a part of. Paul explains how the recent solutions for climate change have mainly been large scale, and virtually impossible for us as individuals to adopt....