10 Systems for Regeneration

Darren Doherty
Wednesday, 23rd July 2014

Darren Doherty is a globally recognised teacher of regenerative agriculture. His team has been involved nearly 2,000 broadacre projects across close to 50 countries and Darren is the originator of the RegenAG and Regrarians course series across Europe, the Americas and Oceania.

Here he explains the 10 systems he uses under the Regrarians Platform to regenerate agricultural landscapes. Just a few minor changes can have enormous impacts.

The 10 systems encorporate PA Yeomans keyline scale of permanence, looking at how: climate, geography, water, access, forestry, buildings, fencing, soils, polymarketing and energy, all need to be managed for agricultural and urban development.

Holistic management and sequestering carbon are among the topics, including what Darren explains is most important - covering your soil and enabling photosynthesis. 

Darren Doherty is speaking at the Savory Institute's International Conference in London, which will be exploring putting grasslands to work. The conference is from 1st-2nd August. For more information visit http://london.savoryinstitute.org/

Further resources

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jmv |
Thu, 24/07/2014 - 18:10

this indeed uses permaculture for exploitation of nature, a horrible way of using Permaculture, can't believe you don't see that! heavily relying on oil and plastic! the american system applied to Permaculture!
It is rebranding Permaculture to something which is is not, no Ethics;
it does use the good side of it to show all is good and to make it so it cannot be criticized...ok it improves Agriculture but anything would!!! but it's not changing the true basis!


Colin Bennett |
Fri, 25/07/2014 - 19:52

jmv: I think you are missing the point. Look at 12 permaculture principles: none of them explicitly mention ethics or a social dimension. So does what you say apply to all of permaculture? What is put forward here are 10 ways to structure the process of thinking about land, from the most permanent/long term to shorter. Plenty of room to apply social thinking within that.

Are you suggesting that plastic pipes and tractors be completely avoided? They are the only things I can see being interpreted as 'heavily relying on oil and plastic'. Those to me are not marks of US-style permaculture (American would include chinampas & other great Aztec & Myan techniques), but running counter to permaculture: take the best of old and new.

To challenge the mainstream approach to farming, cannot mean a return entirely to horse power, or endless redigging of blocked drainage. RegenAg is permaculture applied to farming, and it means as he says in the video, demanding something much more than sustainability: regeneration.