Why planting native plants may not be the best solution

Paul Wheaton
Wednesday, 10th August 2011

As I travel, give presentations, visit with people, even in my own forums, I encounter these people that are extremely passionate about natives only. They are very angry at me for advocating anything other than natives only. I have tried to express something that I think will help them understand (and tolerate?) my position, but it would seem that I have always failed.

What I have left out of my persuasions (and is not in this video) is that there is lot of money being spent in the world of natives only. Billions. Guess who is making billions on this? ... Herbicide companies. Specifically Monsanto.

In this video Toby Hemenway makes the point clear in a way I have never been able to. He actually makes several excellent points in an exceptionally diplomatic way.

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