500 showers heated from one small compost pile: a how to tutorial

Wednesday, 28th December 2011

Paul Wheaton from Permies.com takes a visit to Brian Kerkvliet's Inspiration Farm in Bellingham, Washington. There he finds Brian's little compost pile that provided 500 hot showers in the warmer months. Compost heat can, indeed, be captured to heat water in moments by running black pastic pipe through the heart of the heap. After the hot showers, you have a lovely pile of compost. The moisture from the shower drains away to feed the ground inoculated with edible mushrooms. Hot water, compost and mushrooms. Now that's multi-functional permaculture design!

N.B. At peak thermophilic production, COLD WATER MUST BE USED in conjunction with the hot water created while showering! Temperatures of 160 degrees F can be reached and will easily scald a person in seconds. It works that well...

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