7 Reasons to Create a Pond

Permaculture Artisans
Wednesday, 22nd April 2015

Even if you only have a small urban garden a pond is a really beneficial part of every design. Erik Ohlsen explains how well designed ponds can stack multiple functions. They can create an aquaculture system in which to grow fish and plants for eating. Ponds can also be designed as a flood irrigation system so when you have rainfall you can capture it and then release it later into a food forest to water trees, shrubs and herbs with nutrient rich water, fertiilzing the crops. Pond vegetation is a rich source of nutrients that needs regular harvesting to maintain biodiversity and prevent the pond becoming a swamp. This can either be fed to chickens or be composted to build soil. Best of all, your pond will become a wildlife rich environment, providing habitat for pest predators, a habitat for frogs, toads, beneficial insects, dragonflies, and a hunting place for bats and insect eating birds. This is the best integrated pest management you can get! Ponds also drown out the noise of an urban community, oxygenate the water, and create a microclimate for the garden as the water reflects light and stores heat, allowing you to grow more tender plants.

Ponds are simply wonderful, ecologically sound and interesting!

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