The Advantages of Growing Perennial Vegetables

Dojo Productions
Thursday, 14th July 2016

Stephen Barstow, author of the classic book Around the World in 80 Plants, visits Holma Forest Garden in Sweden and explains why perennial vegetables are such a good option. He says they are:

* More resilient to climate extremes than annual vegetables

* Perennials can have higher yield - Stephen has one sea kale plant that has cropped for 30 years!

* They taste great

* They are tough and resistant to pests

* There is more choice: there are 100,000 edible perennails to chose from in the world (Stephen grows 1500-2000 in Norway in his garden)

* Perennial growing systems also lock up carbon in the soil and make a contribution to mitigating carbon dioxide.

Stephen then tells us his top perennial veg plalnts so that you too can begin to grow productive, edible, perennial vegetables. Way to go!

Check out Stephen's wonderful journey into the plant worls in Around the World in 80 Plants, already a classic!

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