Biodynamic Gardening - The Tools and Techniques to Nurture Your Garden

Monday, 17th January 2011

When starting to garden in a biodynamic way it can be difficult working out what to do when. This DVD gives you the tools and shows you the techniques you need to know.

Lynette West, of the Biodynamic Education Centre, shows biodynamic gardening methods to the gardeners at Garden Organic, Ryton. Learn with them the vortex to chaos stirring technique; how to make biodynamic compost and understand the biodynamic preparations; how to make and use manure concentrate, horn manure (BD500) and horn silica (BD501); how to work with the sowing and planting calendar and much, much more...

The aim of biodynamic practice is to revitalise the soil and make it open and receptive to all the forces of the cosmos. In 1924, at the request of German farmers concerned about the decline in soil and animal fertility, Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian scientist, gave a series of lectures suggesting ways to work with the energies of the earth, moon, sun and planets as well as plants such as yarrow, chamomile, nettles, oak bark, valerian and dandelion to heal the earth,

In biodynamics it is believed that there is nowhere quite like your garden. It has its own combination of soil, microorganisms and micro climate. Nobody else can produce fruit and vegetables quite like yours. What could be better than eating food grown in your own unique garden? 'Biodynamic Gardening -- the tools and techniques to nurture your garden' will help you have a bumper harvest!

The full length DVD is available demystified biodynamic techniques that had previously remained elusive and so we have made it available from Green Shopping

kerst ster |
Mon, 10/12/2012 - 18:44

I know that permaculture is such a young field, and an enourmous paradigm shift that it is notoriously hard to define...

Toby Hemenway, author of gaia's garden recently wrote an insightfull article about that:

But I really don't understand what biodynamics have got to do with permaculture. Of course there are some resemblances but in general Biodynamics is a religion and certification. While permaculture is neither, one of the shorter definitions I find usefull is that permaculture is: An aproach to design aimed at meeting human needs while restoring ecosystem health.

After years of study I work full time as a permaculturist for 3 years now. I meet many people that are hesistant to take permaculture seriously because they see a lot of people for instance doing strange rituals and calling that permaculture...

While in origin permaculture has absolutely nothing to do with that.
The permaculture research institute of australia (PRI) even has its teachers sign a contract in wich they promisse not to call spiritual courses and the likes of them permaculture.

Bill Mollison famously said: " I would have fairies if you could eat them!" Talking about the antroposophy biodynamics is based on.

It is absolutely not thrue that they are against spirituality but they want to show that permaculture is for every one, they teach in all kinds of places, churches schools... on the PRI website there has been an enourmous discussion about this topic, and also on the website of Rob Hopkins and I absolutely don't want to repeat that here. But it is like people have an enourmous blind spot in this field,

so why not do everybody a favor and keep religion out of permaculture for diversities sake so people of all religions, and even the non-religious can feel welcome, and permaculture can
be that gratest possible contribution to sustainability.