Building a low impact roundhouse

Rozie Apps
Monday, 6th May 2013

The current economic climate has made it very difficult for people to afford their own homes, especially young parents. House prices are high as are rent costs and the reliance on oil is also meaning fuel costs, food prices and the daily bills are rising.

Building yourself a low impact and low cost house is a positive step towards affording your own home. They can be built from a wide range of budgets, allowing people to be creative and live somewhere that they designed and built.

Here, Charlie shows us around his timber cob roundhouse in Wales. After living in a damp and cold caravan for four years with his partner he was inspired by the nearby Lammas ecovillage to build his own home, ready for the arrival of their son Eli.

This beautiful home is made with a reciprocal frame roof and straw bale walls that are lime rendered. It is a wonderful example of the creative ways we could live, using natural materials that will make a home environmentally friendly but also affordable.

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