Changing The Goal of Life for a Sustainable Future

Story of Stuff Project
Saturday, 12th October 2013

Change the goal and you can change the game: An excellent animated video from The Story of Stuff Project explaining that if we can change the end goal of 'more' to 'better', we can create a sustainable future for the world.

Currently our economies feed on consumerism. We are told that the rules of the life (the game) are to always have more. So we buy the latest gadgets, we fill our homes with all things new that we see in magazines and on TV. But who made up these rules? Why are we following them? These rules no longer work for us nor the planet. This game of consumerism is destroying ecosystems across the planet, fossil fuels are running out and we as people are not happy. If we change the rules and strive for 'better' rather than 'more', we can work towards a sustainable and happy future. 

If we recycle, reuse and reduce we will help decrease the use of fossil fuels, decrease the effects of climate change and prevent more ecosystems from being destroyed. Humanity and the planet will be happier and healthier with this new system, and this is already happening.

Transition, co-operatives, permaculture and many other systems are already taking action and changing the rules of the game, giving us solutions and a plan to improve our lives and our futures. So follow their footsteps. The more people who strive for a 'better' way of life, the more likely others will follow and the quicker we can move to a sustainable world.

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