Cloud Catching: Harvesting Water from Fog

Wednesday, 11th May 2016

The small town of Villa Lourdes in Peru has no access to running water. 

Three times a week they are visited by a truck from Lima delivering water, and in the height of summer everyday.

Their fields were arid and bare until they began harvesting the daily fog for water. Using large nets they built 'Atrapanieblas', nets that turn fog into water, so that they could irrigate their fields.

Harvesting fog for water is a low tech method of irrigating crops. It is also useful in areas where the groundwater is salinated. It requires no electricity to desalinate water and is an alternative method of desalination.

This is just one example of how communities across the world are finding creative, appropriate solutions that enhance yields, save money and move their economies away from depending on fossil fuels.

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