Cob Rocket Ovens

Flip and Jon Anderson
Thursday, 5th February 2015

Cob rocket ovens combine the efficiency of rocket stoves with the joy of cob ovens. They can be fired up in just 15 minutes (instead of an hour or more with a convention cob oven) with a small bunch of kindling and be ready to bake soon afterwards. You get the delicious taste of a cob oven but all the benefits of an energy efficient rocket stove as they require little fuel and are ready to cook very quickly. There is no hanging around.

These stoves are ideal for smaller, faster baking sessions. Being an adapted rocket stove design you can even place a pot on the top of the stove and use the exhaust heat to boil water or cook a stew or sauce.

Flip and Jon Anderson explain the potential and principles of cob/mud rocket ovens. They explain how they are built and also mistakes to avoid so that you can make an oven that uses little wood, is clean burning and well insulated.

This is a great evolution of the rocket stove concept and now you can use these principles and have an oven for baking too.

This video is based on a talk given on Rocket Ovens at the 2015 ETHOS Stove Conference in Kirkland, WA. See more at or contact us at [email protected]

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Mick Hawkins |
Fri, 13/02/2015 - 17:29

Loving the cob rocket oven!!