Could a circular economy provide a solution to our current linear system?

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Friday, 11th January 2013

This short animated video by the Ellen MacArthur Trust looks at the demise of our linear economic system. Presently, our economies depend heavily on fossil energies to create vast volumes of material products with shortened lifespans. A clear distinction is made between the linear decline of this system compared to the sustainable management of our resources as a circular system.

Whilst most of the world strives to own the latest gadgets and electronics, this video introduces the notion of a circular economy, where it is in the interest of manufacturers to build the highest quality products. In this scenario, we don't own many of our products, we hire them from manufacturers. As they own the product, they may also be more inclined to recycled parts from older, now defunct machinery which overal could lead to a reduction in our individual and collective consumption.

This 'performance model' is flexible and could of course apply to many different products and services, increasingly important as we are eventually forced into transition.

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