Creating Mini-forests Anywhere!

TED Talks
Friday, 5th September 2014

Shubhendu Sharma is an industrial enginner, who used to work for a well known car company. Now he makes mini forests - everywhere.

Whilst at the car company, Shubhendu met Akira Miyawaki who was brought in to grow a forest in the factory to make it carbon neutral. Shubhendu was so fascinated, he joined Akira as a volunteer to learn the methodology.

He planted up his garden and within two years, noticed rain water didn't dry up in the summer, more birds were in the local area and he even harvested seasonal fruits.

Using multi-layering, these forests grow 10 times faster, have 100% more biodiversity and are 30 times more dense than a typical forest.

Shubhendu wanted to create these forests as a mainstream business, wanting to copy the car manufactures production system. His company uses local materials to reduce their carbon footprint and mulches to prevent water evaporating. 

Now Shubhendu wants to share this with the world. His project Afforestt aims to help anyone across the globe plant a mini forest, giving us all the means to bring back our native forests and save the planet.

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