Creating a Travelling Home

Kirsten Dirksen
Monday, 20th July 2015

Mat and Danielle have created their very own tiny home that they can drive anywhere!

The 19ft converted van includes a lounge / bedroom, a kitchen area, a solar camping shower and a plastic bottle toilet (with funnel) and various storage points, all of which the couple created themselves. They converted it themselves so that they could have a reasonably new vehicle without the extensive costs of an already kitted out campervan.

The couple love to travel but found living out of a backpack was tiring. With their campervan, they can still move around but get to sleep in their own bed every night and cook their own food, keeping costs down.

Although they now don't pay out for a house, there are still costs, which Mat explains is “like renting a really cheap apartment in a city”. But the couple are happy and free. They have more time to be creative and explore the world.

Learn more about their travels at:

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