Empowering Women with Permaculture

Permaculture magazine
Thursday, 6th July 2017

Looby Macnamara, author of People and Permaculture and Maddy Harland, editor of Permaculture magazine explain how they are using permaculture and design webs to empower women.

For more information about their Empowering Women with Permaculture course please see www.permaculture.co.uk/empowering-women-permaculture

Useful links

Empowering permaculture: how to make a difference

People and Permaculture by Looby Macnamara

Fertile Edges by Maddy Harland


holzier |
Fri, 12/01/2018 - 14:20

This sort of change is difficult to do without also suppressing the boys. Some think this is just okay, and others prefer it. But it's a terrible side effect. Many people aren't smart enough or sensitive enough to manage the change. Especially those who think young boys are naturally tough or benefit from adversity. Like throwing them into a lake to teach them to swim. Bad idea; But more likely to be done to boys than girls.

On the other hand, raising girls has to be done better than in the past. Abandoning the effort would just be another injury to society as a whole.

As the writer at https://hireessaywriter.org/ I'd say being human is beyond the ability of many of us. And even raising children "Just Right" is just about impossible. Mistakes will be made.

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