Find Your Power - Chris Johnstone speaks to Adrienne Campbell

Chris Johnstone
Friday, 13th May 2011

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when facing issues like climate change and peak oil, a survey for the Mental Health Foundation finding powerlessness to be a common response when people think about the world problems. Here Chris Johnstone, interviewed by Adrienne Campbell from Transition Lewes, explores how considering our lives in mythic terms can help us find our power to make a difference.

Drawing on his experience as an addictions specialist, he looks at how we can train ourselves to turn around the feeling that there is nothing we can do. Influenced by his close working with Joanna Macy over many years, Chris runs workshops based on her empowerment approach, The Work That Reconnects.

Chris is author of Find Your Power – a toolkit for resilience and positive change (2nd ed, Permanent Publications, 2010), and co-editor of the free email newsletter The Great Turning Times. For more information about his work and workshops, see his website at

This film is dedicated to the late Adrienne Campbell, who sadly died last autumn, for her tireless work for a better world. Thanks also to Dahlan Lassalle for filming Chris and Adrienne. This clip is part of a series filmed on the day of the unleashing of Transition Town Lewes that Chris spoke at.

Permaculture Magazine highly recommends Chris' courses and book.